Understanding the Report Process and Research Methods

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1 Which of the following provides the best definition of a report?
a) An orderly, objective communication that flows downward within an organization for the use of presenting data for the customer.
b) A formal, objective communication that meets the need for information of a wide audience.
c) An orderly, objective message used to convey information within an organization to assist in problem solving and decision making.
2 The Department of Commerce would like to purchase new office furniture. To start the decision-making process, the department would issue
a) a functional acquisition report (FAR).
b) a formal written proposal (FWP).
c) a financial report objective (FRO).
d) a request for proposals (RFP).
3 Which of the following hypotheses is stated in the null form?
a) Less employee theft will occur in stores where a manager uses a participative leadership style than in those where the manager uses an authoritative style.
b) No significant difference in employee theft will be observed between stores where the manager uss a participative leadership style and the ose where the manager uses an authoritative style.
c) Employee theft will be affected by the leadership style practiced by the store manager.
d) None of the above; the null form requires no hypothesis statement.
4 Which of the following is the most accurate statement concerning the use of primary and secondary research methods?
a) Secondary research helps to establish a point of departure for primary research.
b) A researcher typically chooses between secondary and primary research as the better alternative for obtaining information for the particular problem.
c) Primary research is the predominant research method selected for a study, with secondary research available as an option, if desired.
d) Secondary research includes observation, experimentation and normative surveys.
5 Which method of research would be the best one for research whether distance learning or traditional classroom instruction is more effective for your company's employees?
a) Observational research
b) Normative survey research
c) Experimental research
d) Secondary research
6 Which of the following statements about sampling is correct?
a) Sampling is based on the principle that a sufficiently large number drawn from a population will be representative, regarding of whether the selection was random.
b) A research must guard against using samples that are either too large or too small.
c) Sampling is a survey technique that eliminates the need for questioning 100 percent of the population.
d) All of the above are correct statements.
7 A sampling procedure that would be useful in a study comparing opinions of workers in different age brackets about social security would be the
a) simple random sample.
b) stratified random sample.
c) systematic random sample.
d) convenient sample.
8 The best definition for reliability is
a) a measure of the degree to which data measures what you intend for it to measure.
b) a measure of the accuracy and repeatability of the data.
c) a measure of the relationship between two variables.
d) none of the above.
9 You have gathered data from printed and online sources as well as your survey. What should you do to organize the writing of your report?
a) Reduce quantitative data to a usable form through statistical techniques.
b) Question whether every piece of information available makes a real contribution to the outcome of the study.
c) Combine, summarize and condense useful information so the reader can understand it more easily.
d) Do all of the above.
10 When conducting marketing research about a particular country, the best advice is
a) apply what has proven to work well in one country to the target country; it will likely work well in other countries as well.
b) obtain printed and online information from a firm that specializes in international market research.
c) go to the target country and conduct primary research in that country.
d) use your intuition about what will work, since no one can be sure.

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